Pho & Dimsum Dumplings

March 11, 2018

I went to a Vietnamese restaurant with my family after we finished with our Sunday church session. I don’t remember the name anymore and they also sold Chinese and Japanese specialties too.

I ordered their house special pho. It was a very standard pho, with beef strips, cilantro, long sliced onion, and beef bone broth. My favorite part about it was the broth, it was very rich and flavorful and complemented all the other assets in the pho.

Pho 2

Pho 1

Pho seasonings
Pho seasonings: A green herb (I’m guessing bay leaf, I might be wrong.), beansprouts, and a slice of lime.
Shrimp dumplings
Dimsum-style pork dumplings over a bed of yellow cabbage

Also ordered some pork dumplings, it was the type of dumpling you’d find at a dimsum place. Not exactly made in a traditional style, but it had an appetizing appearance. The pork had a weird, funky taste to it, so I didn’t enjoy it as much as my main entree.

It was funny because the host, who also served as our waiter, got very excited when we came into the restaurant. He commented, “I hardly see Asians come here to eat, so I’m so happy to see you guys!”

He said this a bit loudly (probably unintentionally) that the other customers heard and were probably quietly offended. Truth be told, the restaurant did only have white patrons during our stay. There was a father having lunch with his two daughters and a family of seven that came by a little later than us. As we left later, more families came in, all whom I noticed, were white, as well.

The waiter told us he was 25 and came from the Guangzhou region of China. He talked a little bit about his background and asked my parents where we were from. We would have small conversations here and there with him, whenever he returned. It was a bit awkward when he addressed me because I guess he thought I was a lot younger than I actually was, because he would refer to me as ‘little girl’ or ‘little princess’. (Currently, I am 21.)

Overall, it wasn’t the most spectacular dining experience but the food was pretty good. In my dad’s words, “It was average; the food was passable.”


Rice and Pork with Cha and Bok Choy

I spent a weekend with my family again. My dad enjoys cooking a mixture of both Chinese and Vietnamese cooking for us to eat a lot of the time. This dish here is rice and pork with cha and bok choy.

Cha and Rice

There is a satisfying mound of rice, with seared pork and bok choy in a sweet soy sauce.

Cha is a Vietnamese dish that is similar to an egg quiche. It is made with egg with a mixture of ground black pepper, glass noodles, salt, fish sauce, green onions, black mushrooms, and soy sauce mixed into it. Everytime Baba makes it, I can’t help but get excited!


Wolfgang Puck’s Tomato Risotto

On a daily basis I enjoy browsing through YouTube for recipes. I sometimes check on the popular Tasty channel to see if they have anything that piques my fancy. I know they are well-known for many easy recipe demonstration videos. One of their latest videos is one which features the famous chef, Wolfgang Puck, making his favorite risotto recipe. I followed the recipe to a tee minus the tomato bisque he used, I used pasta sauce I had on hand instead. I also cooked my shrimp in a mixture of garlic powder, parsley, salt and hand-ground black pepper. The end result was really delicious, please give it a try!

Shrimp tomato risotto 2.jpg

Shrimp tomato risotto 1.jpg

A Simple Yet Filling Breakfast! – Pork and Beans with Scrambled Eggs

April 7, 2018

This is a simple yet hearty meal my mom used to make when she was a little girl in Malaysia!


It’s simply sliced hotdogs with Hanover Pork & Beans mixed with scrambled eggs sprinkled with black pepper! Next time when I make this myself, I’d like to add some rice to the mix since I feel it’d be more filling.

More past meals to come! ~*・゜゚・*☆



Breakfast at Home – Wonton

For breakfast, I had my dad’s amazing wonton soup and wonton mein. I didn’t take any pics of it, but before I ate some honeydew before the two and it was super sweet and juicy!

Wonton soup

Wonton 1

Wonton 3.jpg

Baba (One form of saying ‘dad’ in Mandarin) made this for lunch. The first picture features wonton soup and the other two feature the wonton noodle dish.

Baba handmade the wontons and inside they’re stuffed with ground pork and shrimp. Mixed with the pork and shrimp is oyster sauce, salt, sugar, pepper, and sesame oil. The soup is an organic chicken broth my dad made himself. Inside are chopped scallions and green onions, giving the soup a nice color.

The wonton noodle dish is made with wonton noodles my parents had bought from the Asian market near our home. There is plump whole shrimp and seasoned pork mixed with the noodles. The sauce is a mixture of oyster sauce, sugar, chicken broth, and pepper. The noodles are then sprinkled with a helping of beansprouts and chives.

The wonton noodle dish is one of my favorite dishes from Baba and I was so happy to be able to eat it before I had to go back to school the next day!

Here’s another wonton dish I had for breakfast the previous day:

Wonton noodles

Wonton noodles 2

Chicken soup

Another wonton dish with noodles and a bowl of chicken soup! The big difference is that there are fried fish balls in this dish. The soup is a different variant of chicken broth Baba makes with different seasoning.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be making entries of meals I’ve had for the past few days, please look forward to it! ☆*・゜゚・*


A Delicious Hotpot Meal at Little Sheep

April 7, 2018

My parents treated our family to a lovely trip to Philly’s Chinatown to have a taste at a hotpot-based restaurant called Little Sheep!

Little Sheep used to be a bookstore that my mom liked to frequent when I was younger. It’s now refurbished as a two-level restaurant. The reception area is modern and cushy with threeway seating for guests. There are two thin cushion-based seats to the left and center of the area and three chairs that you can sit in individually near the where the hosts are situated.

We checked in and had a short, 20-min. wait. We were then seated in the center area of the restaurant.

Here are some photos of what we ordered:

Hotpot broth
Half & Half Broth – Original and Spicy
Little Lamb Hotpot
Enoki mushrooms, raw shrimp, fish balls with roe, and udon noodles
Raw lamb.jpg
Premium lamb shoulder
House-made pork dumplings with dipping sauce












1st bowl of hotpot
1st bowl of hotpot, yum!
Red bean yam cakes
Sweet Yam Cakes

We also ordered oyster and mushroom combos, soft tofu, pea sprouts, fresh handmade noodles, beef tendon and tripe, and potato slices!

Everything was very fresh and delicious! My favorite things to eat were the beef tendon, premium lamb udon noodles, pea sprouts, mushrooms, yam cakes, and both the original and spicy broths!

Here are highlights I remember from the top of my head:

The spicy broth is the real deal so be cautious when you take a sip! I love spicy food and I have a pretty good tolerance for spice, but even I was blown away by how spicy it was, I almost started coughing from my first sip of the broth.

I was so hungry I actually ate some of the dumplings before properly cooking them. They were like, half-cooked. After I dunked them in the original and spicy brother they tasted so much better! Learn from my mistakes and submerge your dumplings in the broth for them to fully cook and enjoy the different flavors they’ll bring out in either of the two broths.

The sweet yam cakes were like an Asian equivalent of carnival funnel cakes. The outside had a soft, squishy texture and was filled with a sweet red bean filling. The edges of each cut slice was dusted with a small sprinkling of confectionary sugar that melded perfectly with the other ingredients when you take a first bite.

The perfect place to go with a group of people, whether it be with family and friends or for a date!

We ended the day going to Mr. Wish, a great spot for bubble tea!

Mr. Wish's Bubble Tea
I got their large pearl milk tea!

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think! ~*・゜゚・*☆


Home for the Weekend – Doughnuts!

April 6, 2018

It’s Friday and my family picked me up to come home for the weekend. My brother then suggested we go to a really good doughnut shop that he discovered recently with his friends. My mom was worried that my dad was too tired to drive to the place since he had just gotten off work when he gathered everyone to pick me up. My dad waved it off saying he was fine and on our way we went to go to the doughnut shop, Duck Doughnuts.

It was a small shop located in a food-centric plaza. We went in and we realized the girl who worked the cash register that day was a family friend’s daughter. She and another boy in his late teens were the only ones working the front. She helped make the doughnuts while he was in charge of decorating them at his station.

We all decided the flavors we wanted and stood at the front talking amongst ourselves. My mom made small-talk with her and asked about her plans for college and the girl, I’ll call her K here, said she was going into a school for baking and pastry-making. We realized later that she was very happy that we came by the shop since she was the one that handed us the box and gave us a very ecstatic goodbye when we left.

We had met K at a family wedding and she had been smitten with my brother when she first laid eyes on him. She’d constantly walk in front of our family (Whenever my brother came around to talk with us) to get his attention, which I’ll admit had been a cute but fruitless effort. The two were dancing around each other the whole time we had the pre-wedding party. It was all well until my one nosy aunt had to put her two-cents in, saying my brother wasn’t ready for a relationship and tried to intervene and shoo K away whenever she came around afterwards. It was a pretty stupid maneuver on her part since it really wasn’t any of her business to do so. Even now, my brother still regrets that he never took up the courage to speak with K and he wonders if she’s still interested and if she’s even available, haha.

But enough of this backstory! Let’s talk about the doughnuts!

Doughnuts 2.jpg

Doughnuts 3.jpg

From top, left to right: Cinnamon sugar, Lemon icing with shredded coconut, and Strawberry icing

From bottom, left to right: Key lime icing with graham cracker crumbs, Blueberry pancake, and Chocolate icing with Oreo crumbs (I’m a bit unsure of the last one since I couldn’t find any pictures on the website that matched this doughnut, so I’m sorry if I’m wrong!)

I got to try sliced pieces of the Strawberry icing, Blueberry pancake, and Key lime doughnuts.

In general, the doughnuts were very soft and were still warm when we came back home. There was a sweet glaze on all the doughnuts as a base, that wasn’t too sweet or flavorless. It’s been a while since I ate such fresh, delicious doughnuts like these!

The Strawberry icing is under their ‘Classics’ and it certainly does taste like a classic. Simple strawberry-flavored icing with a rippled strawberry drizzle. I rank it third on my list of these three.

Blueberry Pancake is under their specials list and it really does taste like a blueberry pancake, which really surprised me! The icing is a blue-purple glaze with bits of blueberry on its surface with a soft, confectionary sugar center. It was pretty good but a little bit sweet for me, as well. Second on my rankings list!

Last but not least is the Key Lime doughnut. My favorite of the trio bunch! A colorful lime-tinted icing with graham crackers dusted atop its surface. It had a nice sour tang that I just loved! It’s a Spring Special Exclusive, so I’m not sure how long they’ll keep it if it’s a seasonal item. My first and favorite of the three doughnuts!

Thanks for reading and I’m planning on writing my hotpot meal with my family next! See you soon! ☆*・゜゚・*